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10-25-2011, 09:16 AM
Gah PvP vs PvE debates hate em hate em hate em. The fact that one game (MMO's in general) requires two completely opposite mind sets and play styles to me shows just how out of whack PvE gameplay is (oh joy I just offed Sphere 846362 yay me), I really don't know why mobs can't have *******ly "AI" that makes you think (Oh wait I do know why care to guess?).

Really I think my main gripe with the Lance as it is comes from my viewing burst damage as unreliable more than anything else, I just like having all of my tools available to me when I need them.

On a different note, the main reason I stopped PvPing was an over-abundance of muppets who couldn't understand even basic tactics (no a Zerg rush is not a valid method for dealing with superior numbers) and who all wanted to play at being General. Has this improved at all? (In your opinion).

*Edit* Where the bloody hell did the three posters above me come from.