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10-25-2011, 09:39 AM
@whamhammer: I agree and happy to see someone understands. My fleet has managed to put this into excellent practice. It's interesting to see some of the strategies we come up with from time to time.

@USS_Enterprise_J: You're welcome. LOL

@Roach: I'm glad someone agrees - now if we can get more Galaxy-X captains to realize it, the 0.01% good ones won't be so few and far between.

@Zektole: I don't mean to bring up the ancient PvP vs PvE debate. However, as a game designer, your first concern must always be balancing for PvP, because in the end, players using and fighting against the ship are the ones subscribing to the game, not the Tactical Cube in Khitomer Accords that you've destroyed umpteen billion times already.

See the difference?

ANYTHING you use will be sufficient in PvE, for no other reason than that the AI is retarded and can't really beat even the weakest ships in the game in the hands of a good Captain. That said, it simply makes sense to design something for PvP, balance it for PvP, and update it for PvP. Because by default, it will still work in PvE just fine.

The tool IS available when you need it, that is what I believe you're missing.

You just can't spam it like a 9 year old throwing Plasma Grenades in Halo.

If you don't try to fire it EVERY time something enters your forward arc, it should be ready when really needed.

Lance is reliable. Every time I hit my enemies, it hurts. Badly.

Can't get more reliable than that. I just don't waste it and have used the ship long enough to know when is wise to use it, and when is not.

Signs of a good Galaxy-X captain.

As for your PvP complaint, I'm going to be blunt. I PvP with 12th Fleet, an organized and very intelligent group of good people who are capable of working together even at the expense of their personal egos. I can't tell you if it is the case or is not the case, because I do not experience it at all.

The people I PvP with every day make it enjoyable.

If you constantly PvP alone/with pugs (pick up groups), or if the fleet you're in doesn't allow for this sort of PvP I describe, then I've a very simple recommendation.

Find a new fleet, and new friends.

You don't have to be "good" at PvP to win. You just have to be good at working together with others.