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10-25-2011, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by jeffknight View Post
the anti-fighter, anti-torpedo, anti-mine defense battery console thing...
The 'Thunderchild Battery' is a Point Defense Ssytem. Essentially, a turret console designed to destroy fighters and damage frigates. Much like the Anti-Air batteries you seen on Warships during WWII and as well as modern Aircraft carriers and other Naval Military vessels.

It's a Defensive System with a 5k effective range. So when fighters and frigates get within that radius, and it's active, it'll pretty much lay waste to any fighters that get too close, and lay down a hurt on Frigates as well, It's not made to be Offensive.

Though I like the PDS. Honestly it would be more effective on something like a larger ship. But I can definitely see the point in it because the Escorts in the game don't really have a good defense lest you make it a beam escort. And Suffice to say, Defiant Class ships always have cannons on their fronts and not much to work with as far as other weapons. Hell the Defiant herself had Quad Cannons, 2 fore firing Quantum Torpedo Launchers, and a 360 degree Phaser Array along with aft firing torpedo launchers.