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Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
I switched from an Exploration Refit to the Dreadnought in an attempt to wring more damage out of my tank. I like the ship because it keeps the CM and LC Eng BOffs while adding offensive capability. Lance and cloak are good toys, but in the end they are just that... toys. Only useful in certain situations. They can make all the difference in the world when properly used, but they're not going to win or lose a running engagement against multiple targets.

What the ship really gains is swapping the Ens Eng BOff for an Ens Tac BOff... enabling me to run Tac Team, FAW and Spread. The cannons up front are a nice addition to forward damage when I can get the front end swung around on a target... which isn't all that hard. Tractor beam, warp plasma, Aux to ID, and EPS transfer all help me maneuver against a smaller faster target.

The ship can be a killer under the right circumstances, but more often than not I use it to distract the enemy while my fellow captains do the killing. In a given battle scenario if I've got 2, 3, 4, enemies focused on me that means they're not shooting my allies, who may be in softer ships.

Though lately other players seem as likely to engage me as they do to ignore me. Of course ignorance comes at their peril... a well timed lance shot can really ruin someone's day.
In most conventional PvP matches, I fight differently than you it would seem.

My allies will generally move in before me, while I hang around on the aft cloaked (keeping the enemy from detecting me on the initial wave).

After the first volleys from both sides have already been fired and they more or less forgot that I'm even in the match, I will give word to my allies via Teamspeak that I am about to unleash my payload on "X" target. They give me their approval, and get ready to assist. They'll maneuver into key positions and have multiple Tractor Beams, Eject Warp Plasmas, Sub Nucs, and Gravity Wells ready.

While cloaked, I move in to 2km-3km for maximum effect.

When I give the word, everything is unleashed. I have every tactical buff in the book primed and coming out of cloak, I am able to line up a minimum of 2 targets due to Wells and open fire.

My first target will die, no ifs, ands, or buts, to my Lance + Tricobalt volley. Second target will be in pain having received a lance at point blank (often I am able to catch more than just 2 in this manner). By now, all of my allies have begun unloading everything they have on the second crippled ship as well.

2 targets dead in all of 10-15 seconds.

Match is instantly in our favor as half of the enemy force has just been instantly obliterated.

After that, I am able to swap to a more supportive role and heal allies with support DPS until we're ready to spring our next trap.

If you cannot do these things on a regular basis, I will go so far as to say you're not using the ship properly. My cloak and lance are not simply "toys".

In my hands, they are enough to win matches.

As they should in yours.