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10-25-2011, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by Mockeryangel
I can't quite believe your claims if you're calling premiums p2w. Premium tanks suck compared to full upgraded normal tanks. There were/are only a few that could be called P2W or come close to being as good as ordinary tanks. First in my mind that t2(?) german prem with the comparitively amazing armour that had it's tiering nerfed so it wouldn't dominate loltraktors and BT2s, the Lowe for it's gun(only good thing about it, the turret can be surpisingly bouncy tho) and the Type 59 is good too(I've made T44 bounce several 1D10T shots in a row from not so hot players, so Type 59...). I can only speak personally of the Lowe, it's got punch but has strong limitations with the low mobility and unimpressive armour.

WoT does have P2W in the form of gold ammo, (VK3601 konische gun being a prime example) since gold ammo can completely change the targets you can go after and kill instead of merely annoy, and to a smaller extent the other consumables, but not premium tanks. Premium tanks are cash grinders not OP P2Whoring.

Although it is true one or a few good players can make a big difference, even turning around the game singlehandedly with a bit of luck and good tactics, a competitive tank helps too(can kill tanks instead of spot/+ arty kill).

To Captain Data, try to stick to your xp gained tanks and play the t8s intermittently for credits, think about how you died and what you might of been able to do to avoid it, and remember to minimise the LoS angles you're exposed to as much as possible, you'll get the hang of it, when I started WoT I only had like 47% win until I hit t6 and slowed down to think about things, result a T34-85 with 60% win and a T1 heavy on 58% when I moved up to the next tanks with everything unlocked.

What you've got to do though is avoid blaming your tank, yes some are underpar but do that and you'll become defeatist, never improve and be one of those players with t8+ whining their faction tanks are UP when they've got 45% win rate at best on everything.
Ok i hope that i type slow enuff for you to understand. The prem tanks are a fourm of p2w and here is the reason why. Matchmaking. They are put into better teir battles compared to the tanks of the same tier. People think they are not pay to win because they do not win in them. Well if i cant play a teir 3 tanks well why would it be anydiffrent for a tier 9. u still use the same horrable tatics so u will lose in this tank also. As for non prem tanks being better because you can up grade them. well.... My opn is no. the pershing t44 and panther 2 all have around the 90 mil gun when you look at the t59 its has the 100m and is comp to all the other t8 med. it also hase better turrent armor and front armor that rocks compared to the rest. i would say it is balanced with the rest. what makes it p2w is matchmaking.