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10-25-2011, 05:40 PM
The Corsair Flight-deck Cruiser can mainly be described as BAD ***, looks just as lovely as it's little sister the Dacoit but has a more aggressive edge to it. However it has one or two rough edges that could do with fixing.

Lets start with the impressive bow, it has no deflector at all and there is horizontal windows running vertically up the Orion detailing Adding in a deflector of some kind is a 'must' and the windows would look better horizontal on the bow it's self.

There is a minor glitch on the top of the ship when viewed from a 45 degree angle from the front

On the sides of the ship there are Escape pods spoiling the lovely Orion detailing, odd red glow near the back and one of the Hanger bays it behind the outer hull....which makes it a bit pointless as any fighter leaving would smash right into the hull

There is also some windows and Escape pods that appear to overlapping some vents on the hull and some appear to be clipping into the hull

On the Aft underside there is some Escape pods spoiling the Orion detailing and an odd red glow also when you go to warp the camera cuts into the hull

Now the ship it's self is awesome and the Tachyon probes are quite affective at ripping down NPCs shields, not so good in a target rich environment but awesome none the less, however they have a bad habit of not changing targets when a ship is disabled in some missions and will continue to fire keeping me in Red Alert unless I move out of weapons range and call them back(even though their firing animation is still active at nearly 20km).

Hope I don't come across as a picky whiner but I really love the new Orion Flight-deck Cruisers and want to see them looking perfect(sorry am told am a perfectionist), and hope the good CapnLogan can see how much I love his work