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# 1 Ship Design Challenge
10-25-2011, 08:00 PM
On Fed side we have a couple of highend ships that share a common characteristic.

The MVAM Prometheus is a Tactical ship with a LtComm Science BOFF station
The Excelsior Refit is a Cruiser with a LtComm Tactical BOFF station
and the Nebula Retrofit and Vulcan D'kyr are Science Vessels with a LtComm Engineer BOFF station

Think we'll ever see this cycle completed?

The missing ships would be a Tac Ship with LtComm Engineer station, Cruiser with LtComm Science station, and a Science Vessel with a LtComm Tactical station.

If Cryptic were to hire you to design these last 3, what canon (or soft canon / non canon) ships would you base them off of? Extra points for links to Memory Alpha or any other site that has Star Trek ship designs on it. I'm especially interested in any candidates for the Sci Vessel with LtComm Tactical station . . . I'd really love something like that for my main Captain.