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10-26-2011, 02:20 AM
Vent Theta Radiation is way, waaaay too powerful. Didn't test it in PvP, but when it comes to NPCs it can drain their whole shields in a matter of seconds. I flew this thing over B'Ger during a Borg Encounter and all of it's shields (all sides) were gone almost instantly. Not to mention the Mirror Event - fly through the enemy group and they're basically already dead - immobilised and w-o shields.

I'm not sure exactly how this works, as I'd assume the amount of shield drain should be constant (afaik for me it said -52 shields every second), but regardles on what enemy I use it on - be it a borg cube or b'ger - their shields just go down in an instant. Considering that this is an Escort type ship, I believe the ability is just too strong.

As for the ship itself, it looks really good and menacing. I really liked it at first, but later couldn't unsee a giant fish in it (clearly inspired design), which just made me giggle most of the time. ;>

One major problem I noticed is that nothing is displayed in the ship's tailor. Nothing at all - no ship model, no options of any kind.

The thing that especially threw me off was that almost all of the ship's weapons came from it's center, or should I say "jaw". It reminded me of the Jellyfish from the new ST movie, but frankly I'd personaly like the ship to have at least something fired from its sides. I also had the Quad Cannons equipped and combined with Cannon Scatter Volley it looked kind of silly, pewpewing everything from just one hard point.

Generally, fun ship, nice ability, but I'm not sure I'd buy it on Holodeck for such high price. As you level to BG1 the ship is useless and you only have the console to play with. No skin for other ships, no Tier 5 variant, nothing.

PS. Oh, and the ship's Transwarp leads to ESD