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10-26-2011, 05:07 AM
Yet another great person washing their hands and walking away from the game... Sorry to see you go Sivar, you will be sorely missed

Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
Keep up the good work, Cryptic. You are doing a heck of a job.


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At least Cryptic is giving us the opportunity to say goodbye to one another. While goodbye/I'm quitting posts keep getting shutdown on other threads, they keep leaving us alone. This, more than anything else, reinforces my belief that PWE wants Cryptic's PvP playerbase gone so they can start over fresh. I hate to see it go this way
Or that it goes to show how much attention that the PvP forum gets

Bye bye threads make me sad... How's about this for a new thread: I'm not going anywhere Cryptic! I'll stick around till the very end, *****ing and moaning constantly about all the new BS you bring out, just to spite you (not completley out of spite, because despite the constant neglect and BS, despite the disregard of balance concerns of pvp in comparison to pushing a new c-store money maker, I actually like this game. Call me crazy, but there it is. The potential is there, if only there were powers that be who cared enough to be in for the long haul to realise that potential. :p