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10-26-2011, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by G0tchas View Post
I was parked up at ESD and I thought, seeing as I'd never be able to experience space flight, why not take a shot at pseudo space flight.

So I took my ship and decided to circumvent the Earth. Yes, I do know it isn't real, but man, seeing the size of the continents in relation to the size of the planet, I had a very strange sense of feeling really small. I can just image what an astronaught must feel like the first time they go up in space.
That is really cool, and it is because you allowed yourself to experiance the "Child like wonder" that we as adults rarely if ever alllow to surface. I can not help but ponder that if we all did more of it - that we would not spend so much time trying to destroy each other in this plain we call life. Just a though for the day!