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10-26-2011, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
In most conventional PvP matches, I fight differently than you it would seem.
... ... ...

If you cannot do these things on a regular basis, I will go so far as to say you're not using the ship properly. My cloak and lance are not simply "toys".

In my hands, they are enough to win matches.

As they should in yours.
From reading this I would suppose that you are a tac. flying the Dread. I'm an eng. Different build and different tactics for a different skill set. You've got a burst DPS killer and I've got a tank set up to draw aggro and provide general support. Mine is built to take a beating... I run two copies of EPtS 3 along with all the other engineer goodies. Some people say it is a waste, but as it generally takes the concentrated efforts of 3 or more players to take me down I'd like to think it is pretty successful.

I also don't really play PvP in the queues. It's turned into too much of a pain... spam and scramble all over and premades rolling the pugs.

I spend much of my time in Ker'rat now, where the PvP tends to be smaller shorter engagements usually resulting from a couple of feds being jumped by a couple of Klinks. I'm having a lot more fun there than I ever did in arena or C&H.

Look me up in game sometime, we can compare notes.