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10-26-2011, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by gaius View Post
You guys do realize that the tooltip tells you how much drain one stack produces? If you manage to trap the enemy in a huge stack, the drain stacks...
I have no idea what this means, trapping an enemy in a stack. (still trying to and its hurting my brain, could you please explain what you meant?) (Oh, and not trying to be mean, I really just don't understand)

However the vent radiation power is quite powerful. I have not tested this in PVP just PVE. The enemy is stopped, its shields drained to nothing in a matter of seconds, and it cannot target me. I can usually destroy any ship (in normal mode, have yet to try advanced) before it can escape the cloud. Any ship that survives the cloud is easily finished off by a single torpedo before it can do much more than tickle my shields. Mind you I am also currently using the console from the Vanguard as well, not sure if the two work together.