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10-26-2011, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R
That's because you don't feel right in anything but a KDF uniform and ship.

Do you like using multiple dual beams on this girl up front? ... I've given it some thought both run currently with 1 torp, 2 beam arrays and 1 dual bank up there.

Helps with the broadside damage.
As a Tac Gal-X, I don't care about broadside DPS. Pathetic and worthless to me.

I can do far more carnage with 3x dual beams up front.

Reason being is after using this ship for so long, I know how to get my nose on my target. I have allies who assist me as well. I don't have to worry about turn rates or spreading my arcs around.

I'm able to concentrate on my ability to destroy my enemies as effectively as possible.

This plays into my favor as well and tempts stupid morons into wanting to hang around on my rear, thinking it's vulnerable.

It's not. Eject Warp Plasma 3 and they wish they never bothered. They become sitting ducks, and I can do whatever I want to them.

This will allow me to easily get my devastating forward arc on just about any enemy I want, whenever I want.

Playstyle preference I suppose. If you have crap allies who can't work together, or if you'd rather not find ways of bringing your nose on your target, single beams might be better for you.

Non factor for me.