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10-26-2011, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by meslamtea
I have no idea what this means, trapping an enemy in a stack. (still trying to and its hurting my brain, could you please explain what you meant?) (Oh, and not trying to be mean, I really just don't understand)

However the vent radiation power is quite powerful. I have not tested this in PVP just PVE. The enemy is stopped, its shields drained to nothing in a matter of seconds, and it cannot target me. I can usually destroy any ship (in normal mode, have yet to try advanced) before it can escape the cloud. Any ship that survives the cloud is easily finished off by a single torpedo before it can do much more than tickle my shields. Mind you I am also currently using the console from the Vanguard as well, not sure if the two work together.
What he means is the DoT and drain stacks, it applies the damage every second but if you can get three seconds worth you'll get 3x -52 shield drain and 3x -2.5% crew. The more pulses you can get the target caught in the more crew and shield drain it suffers.