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10-26-2011, 10:57 AM
Thanks for the explanation! That is what I thought might be meant but had no clue as to how to phrase it.
(more of a casual player and don't get into the math and how things work)

So having played a few more battles on advanced, still PVE, its quite easy to take down large ships, sci ships, you name it. The vent console with evasive maneuvers and laying down a spread of quantum mines = boom. On advanced I may have to fire a couple of torpedoes at a typhoon class. It helps that the cloud does not affect me at all. I can fly through with impunity. If the cloud affected ALL ships regardless of side it would be (annoying as heck) a little less like an i win button. I'll leave it to the previous two posters who actually understand how things work (Gaius and militis)for specifics, however it does seem a tad overpowered still.