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# 394 Tactical Team
10-26-2011, 04:45 PM
I have been an escort player for a VERY long time. So I will only discuss the Tactical team changes that are proposed. Since I don't use scramble sensor I don't feel I can suggest anything about it. I have encountered it in battle many times.

Here is my take on tactical team. When the game first came out an escort would take a beating on an attack run. Binding the distribute shield to the space bar meant I hit my space bar constantly. Not healthy for my keyboard. Then the tactical team had the redistribute shields added. Until now I haven't heard any issues with the TT skill.

Now I have read most of the post before me. Someone mention RSP in relation to TT. This is an unfair comparison since RSP uses enemy energy to boost the shields and TT just pulls shield power from those not being hit into a shield or shields taking damage. So TT doesn't add any shield power but instead reduces the power on your flanks and rear. TT doesn't help any if there is not shield power to use.

So as for the suggestions. If you have to reduce the TT effect to 5 sec then I can be ok with that. Most attack runs only last that long. So this skill would have an up time of 5 sec and downtime of 10 sec. Two TT together would be TT(1) 5 secs up, 10 sec down and (TT2) 5 sec up and 10 sec down.

I agree with it being self only skill.

If you decide to take away the extra 5 sec of my ability, then it needs to be replaced with something else that can help the ships that use this ability. It was suggested that a defense bonus be added and another suggested bonus to accuracy.

In my opinion the bonus to defense is useless. My escort has a defense of 80% from full speed to 3/4. Then a defense of 65 at half speed. So the defense bonus doesn't really help. Evasive and Attack Pattern Omega are better solutions already in the game.

But the suggestion of adding accuracy does have merit. A plus 10% to accuracy would be a nice bonus that can be used by any class of ship.

Or an area buff that reduces the accuracy of all enemies in a 5 km radius by 5%. This would be similar to a defense maneuver that was used in a DS9 episode where Sisko instructs Smiley to "rock the boat from port to starboard".

I have met many other Captains in battle. I have killed many and have been killed as well. Each encounter allows me to evaluate my build and learn how to become victories in the next encounter. And sometimes accept the fact that the other Captain is better than me.

TT is a valuable skill that I utilize frequently. Changing this skill will have an impact for my ship and crew. I will adapt, overcome and improvise.

I have read many post of fellow Captains who get frustrated about the outcome of their pvp matches. Some want other Captain skills to be reduced. Others use the experience to become better Captains and build better ships by using the skill points wisely.

The other skill being addressed is the Scramble Sensors ability.

I will admit that it is annoying when it is used on me. But I have learned to overcome it. I don't use science team. I have a choice: stick it out or strategically withdraw to re-engage when the effect is done. I have taken down many ships who use this skill. If you choose to change this skill, I hope the science Captains will be able to overcome the new changes.

I hope my input will help in the changes being made soon.

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