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10-27-2011, 04:50 AM
My fed gets many recruits.. she "couph* has been seconding them to duty aboard ships of a "Moderate" faction of the KDF.. Its been a littl rough on a few of them, and there have been some unfortunate.. incedents. But house Khemaraa has shown great respect for the traditions of Federations cultures and in most cases where possible have returned the remains of the deceased to the Federation.

Federation personell seconded to KDF service are very strongly urged to abide fully by KDF regulations as some KDF captains have no sense of humor when it comes to griping within the crew. KDF regulations do permit captains of KDF ships to perform summery executions without review from higher authority. The long term rewards for this initive are expected to be quite great and is fully endorsed by the FDC. Personell compleating there assignments abourd KDF ships will return to the Federation with a great and profound understanding of Klingon cultures are will be at the forefront of future accord with the Klingon Empire.

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Yea I think that'll need to be addressed somewhere along the line, but this is a test server, and it is an exploit, but I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. MY Fed toons gets 'nuff junior officer packs to feed THREE KDF toons who do not get DOFF requisitions nearly as often. I consider it a work around more then an exploit. ANd after all, my Fed and KDF toons can craft items and send them to each other..

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