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10-27-2011, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Vagh-Kah-Kor

Second DOF assignment:
Name: Evaluate Alien Tactical Bridge Officer
Result: Success (not a critical success)
Reward: One blue Andorian Female Bridge Officer
Bug: I either never received this BOF or I received a purple very rare male (in stead of a blue rare female) BOF. I am not sure because when checking my bof roster I had one purple male Andorian and I am not sure if this is from the dof reward or that I had it already. In any case, I either didn't get it or I got the wrong one. The window with join/train up/not now did pop up and I selected "not now" because I wanted to do some other stuff first.
I was just on Tribble and this exact same thing happened again with another DOF assignment, because I was on Tribble I decided to click the "Not now" button again to see if i could replicate the bug and the exact same thing happened, plus this time the assignment completely disappeared, it's not even in my Assignment log.

Name: Evaluate Ferengi Science Officer Candidate
Result: Success (Green value BOF)
Reward: One green Ferengi Male Science Officer

Ok I feel really stupid now they just popped up in my inventory, while I was only checking my BOF stations place (the place were your candidates are normally listed)

The name changing glitch is still there though and I also noticed that some assignments do not reward the dilithium that is listed under the rweards.