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10-27-2011, 10:53 AM
BUT WHAT ABOUT..*please fill in name of your favorite bug* ??

Go check people. Its been stated before a number of times that they ONLY list the important stuff on these notes.. Minor mission fixes may or may not get noted in patch notes.

Before anyone start screaming about the BUFF from doff missions goin puff please note the the Zero stated in the patch note they are disabled pending skills tree roll out, They obviously need to be... adjusted. And the skill tress Change itself is obviously not ready quite yet or it would been in this patch....

I wonder if they turned on the visuals yet for the STF uniforms.. hope so, gonna go find out.. and if thier not I jump back egress 40 years and scream HOW COME THE *please fill in the name of your favorite bug here* AINT FIXED??

I swear some of you should be greeted with a sippy of kool aid in the morning and... nope I better not go there.. Zero might have to smack me and I woould hate that.