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10-27-2011, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
[*]Female Animations have been adjusted:
  • Now, if you choose the 3 feminine stances (Feminine, Sexy, Cute), you will get the existing new female walks & runs in unarmed modes.
  • If you choose the other gender neutral stances (Standard, Brawler, Stern ...) you will get the default standard walks/ & runs.
by the looks of it didn't work for me. I change between all of them and still have the old walk/run. and worse of all, I had to buy a costume pack before I could change the stance even know I all ready own the pack when I transfered the toon over from holodeck. this is not what I call a happy event. on a related note. almost all my costumes on the transferred toon are useless to me ( including the one I use as my default )

so I'm out 320 Test C-Points and still didn't get to check out the new walk/run. I'm currently a sad panda cause of this. Thanks a lot.

will await an answer or a fix. will check back later.