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10-27-2011, 01:11 PM
I'm not only fine with the current naming convention the developers have chosen for Orion starships, I actually like it.

After all, both Klingon and Romulans have 'Bird of Prey' class vessels, so why not have Orions use Decoit, Corsair, and Marauder as ship classes? Makes them interesting!

Like the Decoit, I like the overall ship design of the Corsair, and feel that it is a tremendous improvement over previous NPC ship designs for Orions.

Tachyon Drones: very effective for dropping enemy shields quickly, but neither as fast as, nor as good at the various regular fighter jobs, as Orion Interceptors. So it makes sense that you can swap them with eachother, assuming that you had a Decoit before you got the Corsair.

A possible issue with the drones is that they are even slower and less capable of keeping up with the Corsair than the Orion Interceptors are.

As with the Decoit, I am a little dissapointed that the Corsair cannot equip cannons, as the design implies that it has them, but then again, like the Decoit, the Corsair is very obviously a cruiser type ship, so I guess that not having cannons is understandable. Still, this is not a major issue.

All in all, if the Marauder provides a similar experiance once I can get one, then I am very happy with the Orion progression of ships. I do hope that when the I.K.S. opens up the lower levels, that Orion Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander ship equivilents become available as well. Hmmm... the Interceptors are good to get at Commander level, and as effective as the Tachyon Drones are at helping drop shields faster, I wouldn't want to see them at earlier. And Heavy Fighters or Assault Fighters sound more suitable cor Captain or higher as well, so I'm not sure what Lt or Lt Cmdr ships might get in their hangers. Assuming they even have hangers, which they might not.

Again, since Orion and Gorn ships are fairly race specific in origin, I'd like to see C-Store options for race specific interiors as well to reflect both races since they both seem to have a design ethic leaning either towards artistic and decadent (Orions) or sleek and utilitarian (Gorn). As with the TOS Constitution inerior, it would also be appropriate if their were a heavy bias towards placing appropriately attired Orion or Gorn NPCs in these ineriors as well.