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10-27-2011, 02:47 PM
No skill revamp, awe. I was really excited about that too. Can we get any sort of official ETA on when to expect skill revamp to be in?

Originally Posted by -GEN-Alaris
I know it likely doesn't bother others, but I am still outraged at the ability to suddenly "Teleport" to the mission location on jump. I'm not much of a Trek fan, but THAT doesn't feel trek to me. You should be traveling there. It's not like you CAN'T set autopilot ANYWAY, so why add in the ability to warp there on jump?

Stupid if you ask me.
Indeed, with everyone of these little "convenience" changes they make the game feel less Star Trek. The reason they did this though was two fold. First they needed another EC sink, as some people have 2 billion ECs (not me, but some people...which is stupid as it just helps people earn ECs faster). Second reason is to cover up lack of content to do between missions, especially now they are straight timeline progression. They really need little travelling minigames in sector space as we travel, and I know there are lots of us out there for ideas on how they could do this... but they won't.