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Ok so you've taken the specializations out with this release, which from what I'm seeing is not working out well.

I just got a mission for a level 4 diagnostic on the primary weapon coils calls for a Damage control engineer and a Diagnostic Engineer I plug my Green Damage Control Engineer in, things are NOT good, the Critical success chance goes DOWN 3 full percent while the failure rate only drops 1 percent. The success rate does go up by some 10% but the fact I'm LOSING base Critical success rate on putting in a GREEN level officer of the right type of specialization just doesn't make sense. it got even WORSE when I put in a WHITE quality officer that was a Diagnostic Engineer.

To confound it even more, it goes up a full 4% from base when i put in a green quality Quartermaster? Something isn't working out well and just so you know unless you've got X.00 that we're not seeing the percents don't add up fully and vary by about 2% at times.

Edit it got even WORSE when i put in a deflector officer and a quarter master, my Critical success rate is now at 14% from a base of 8, without ANY specializations

the Doff system is now plug any green in you want as long as you can maximize your chance for a decent reward.