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10-27-2011, 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by bargamer View Post
Nice to see that the Klingons don't have a glass ceiling...

Liking the clearer requirements on Assignments.

Depends what you mean by glass cielings.. I'm still waiting to hear the sound of glass breaking and thats not going to happen untill the KDF content is in game.. we got fluff, we got crome.. but we still don't have missions and story line content sufficient to turn off this accelerated XP and elminate starting active play at Commander 2 (rank 21)

I still need to see if the DOFF recruitment numbers have come up yet. My lead KDF has a little over 12,000 Marauding experience.. and need to hit 50,000 XP by F2P launch to get the top KDF awards having started 1 week after the Fed toon, and still only having half as many DOFF's to work with and no mission content external to the DOFF system to get marauder XP (unlike the clear advantage the federation has...Talk about a gimmiey!) My fed toon is at Diplomacy 3 and over half way to Diplomacy 4 from doing DOFF missions alone. They may perhapes only pay out now 2-4 DXP per mission but I can do a lot more of them, and still go out and snap up some regular player Diplomacy missions. As soon as I max out Diplomacy I can then use those doff's for other things. I've allready qualified for all the goddies Fed side and I have hardly spend any effort on it. I've been putting the effort onto the KDF side.. and while feeling some love com'n my way.. I thinking its grandmotherly love seeing its moving along at walker speed dragging and IV cart and wheezing alot.. *sigh!*