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# 95 Animation improvements
10-27-2011, 08:51 PM
First off I'm glad that the run animations for females have been changed to reflect the stances. Makes more sense. Now for the suggestions:

1) When running the female's head looks awkward from the side, like trying to do the funky chicken
2) If possible can we be given the option to choose the run animation?

On the UI:

1) Can different symbols be attached to different uses on the pop-up use indicators? The two gears is a nice indicator but SO general.
2) Having that above mentioned symbol floating above nothing on our bridges is a little weird...

Mission wise:
1) When are the Diplomatic missions (Investigation, First Contact) going to be reworked and/or expanded with Exploration like missions?
2) Would the addition of a "black market" be possible? Something where GPL is the more common currency and you can get unique goods that aren't anywhere else in the game would be a great addition. Perfect for a mission or two on DS9 or Drozana focused on the Black Market.