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10-27-2011, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by SeijiTataki View Post
I actually can't help but feel that the current state of the boarding party is really ... sub-par as a hangar item. It was nice before because I could choose to sometimes throw out the boarding party, while also having a couple of fighters out and about to assist in my DPSing. I'm still doing less damage by way of less-fighters than a 'proper' carrier, and even the 'better' turn rate doesn't compensate out this fact.

I liked the versatility of having the Marauder Force plus the option of a fighter squadron of my choice, because it gave the illusion of being more versatile (even if the Marauder Forces usually didn't have that strong an impact by themselves).

I think maybe just increasing the cooldown slightly and putting it back as a console might be the direction to go.
Argh, yeah, I should have kept my mouth shut, too. I only raised the point because as a console, it was put into the hangar, and caused problems. Now it means my flying piggy is near useless. I won't be using the marauders, because they are worthless in end game, especially in the STFs, so I got a ship with no extra console slot (since it's a hangar item) and a useless console :\ Thanks for nerfing another KDF ship *sigh*