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10-28-2011, 02:40 AM
Seriously? A Gekli?

With enough long-term and/or fun-killing bugs to choke a horse on Holodeck, and about 10 times that many on F2P, which is probably perilously close to going live...they waste the time creating a GEKLI?

Let me tell you how my night with STO started:

* Did Traelus, got decloaked AGAIN by the BO "Here come True Way ships" message (BUG #1).

* Experienced stuck-Alt-Key Syndrome on the map, meaning I couldn't use any keyboard shortcuts until I cleared it, by which time I was down to about 50% hull (BUG #2).

* Ended up doing Zaria shortly after that (as part of the Deferi daily run) and struggled with still more of the same old "press a button, see it activate, hear the activation sound, and look back to see it didn't activate" problem that's been in the game since launch. Died as a result, as my Large Hypo didn't kick off the first 2 times I used it (BUG #3).

* Decided to do a bit of RPing, and beamed down to Starfleet Academy only to find that all of a sudden, I'd lost the ability to speak in the Local channel. This has apparently been happening for a while, but being fairly new to RP on STO, I didn't know this until tonight. (BUG #4)

This was all in the first 20 minutes after I logged on. I cussed extensively, logged off, and read a book for the next hour.

And you give me a Gekli.


The game is doomed.