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10-28-2011, 02:56 AM
Originally Posted by bradshire View Post
Well here is the thing . Everything that is going on tribble is a test for Holodeck . What we are doing now is getting it ready for the main sever .. I could understand if it where holodeck , but it's not . getting on the devs at this point is a hindrance . Let them do their thing to get the game up right so it can go live .. that is all ...

letting do their things yes . but anyhow they should react to the posts. is a dev post is long to write ? no they prefere adding "pets" .
sorry buddy but as customers we need information : and since dilithium ... they didn't show us any reaction on our querries.
in a test, you listen to,the testguys. if not, what is the point of a public test.
what we want/need is a post that say "we do understand : here is what we gonna do about it ..."