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10-28-2011, 04:05 AM
Originally Posted by Xablis
I recall several dev posts back when season 4 was released about how there is no longer a cloaking bug and that things are working as intended. It is intended (for story purposes and such) that whenever my tactical officer on my BOP needs to tell me something that he gets on a subspace loud speaker and makes sure taht everyone in the quadent hear's what he has to say because it is well know fact that most klingons are in fact deaf!

So obvioulsy if Cryptic has already told us this is not a bug, there is not going to be any "fix" regardless of how often we attempt to bring it back to their attention.
QFT. It is apparently a hard thing to fix, so the "fix" is to tell us it isn't broken and is actually intended that our bridge officers can not talk to us without first turning the cloaking device off.

What hope do we really have with thinking like this...