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10-28-2011, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
It has a shield and crew drain, and that is a little to massive.
Testet this with a fleetmate using a fed star cruiser... his ENTIRE crew was gone within 2 seconds (=extremly lowered hull heal) and his shields were gone after about 3-4 seconds ENTIRELY.... I thing that is a little too much.
EWP drains hull in a similiar fashion and as quickly at times, but this console may be over the top. I look forward to testing it later today.
Also the Crew disapeering so fast may have a lot to do with crew being ignored primarily in STO so the crew retaining/healing/buffing counters are a little old and ineffective.

And... well since that thing can be equiped on BOPs its prety hard to just evade it.... With the most manuevarable ship ingame + cloak i just can decloak directy infront or even above the enemy and float it into the enemys face... I wouldnt know how to deffend against that. May be with tractor beam repulsor... but until that is activatet the enemy is probably already covered with the stuff...
Same tactic is possible and has been used by the Defiant-R thanks to its great turnrate and even the Gal-X can do it if one hits EVM first to get that great turnrate and speed.
So the style in which this ability console is used is of no concern to me though its twin drain may need tweaking.