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10-28-2011, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainMerzan
well it's only logical that if boath sides now have stuff that is way over balanced doesnt that in itself make it balanced, hmmmmm think about it, ya know i have allmost every ship they put out with the exception of the connie refit, and i have used all the consoles and no i am not a pvp expert but i would consider myself a casual pvper and i must say most of if not all of these consoles are neat toys there not that much of a games changer and prob about 95% of all this unbalanced complaining is just that , people looking for something to complain about, and the reason i say this i have read alot of post that started complaining about consoles that hadn't even came out yet at the time, so how can people complain about consoles be so over balanced before they have even tried this, i have said it before and ill say it again pick your battles, stop crying wolf, and you might get more results, if i see this going on the devs are way smarter then i am they see it too, and what do you realy think is on there minds.
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