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10-28-2011, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Phoenix316 View Post
I think it's kinda weird that relatively routine scientific research assignments have a higher casualty rate (Medium) than interrogating an enemy faction prisoner (Low). Seems like they should be the other way around.

Also, in the short time I played post-patch yesterday, I saw loads of Barter GPL for Commodity assignments, but no Exchange EC for Commodity assignments. Hopefully the latter still exist, and haven't been completely replaced by the former.
I saw that too, and was afraid all the Exchange EC ones were gone. But after flying around the ENTIRE galaxy, I found 1, and only 1 sector that had 1 and again only 1 Purchase Provisions for EC. But all the others had between 5-8 buy them with GPL. So they are still there. I'm gonna wager a guess that a decimal point was off on their rarity over EC ones.