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From: Beck K'r'tan,
I.K.S. Chang, Battle Group Omega
Cestus Sector, Gamma Orionis

To: Great Lady Be'Erat,
House Be'Erat, First City.
Qo'nos, Omega Leonis

Honored Mother;

Its been some time since I have written in the old way, My duties have kept be busy. Life around the Battlegroup is much quieter these days since the alpha quadrant switched over to the Dilithium standard.
Hardly any ships come through any more that are not specificly assigned to the Battle Group. The stores, supply and fabrication ships have returned to Earth Space Dock and Qo'nos long ago. The Industrail replicators for making ship assemplies were removed from the Chang some time ago. I have requested a transfer back to Qo'nos and have been told it will be approved as my engineering and fabrication skills will be of greater use there. I have striven greatly in my studies and have also been approved for training as my duty permits at the Academy on Qo'nos. In time I will become an officer of the fleet, but for now I serve as all the warriors of our house have always served. First in the ranks. It is a proud and honorable tradition and I have never objected to it. I have done well with my time in the battle group and have taken part in 7 major space actions and 14 major ground actions against the Borg, and more away missions then I can remember. I have been mentioned in Dispatches a number of times I hope much to the pride and honor of the house.

You will ge heartened to know that I have been accepted into the ranks of the Honor Guard. I belive I am the first of our house to recieve this honor and I wear my armor proudly. Not many Beck's recieve this honor. The majority of the Honor Guard are commisioned officers of Commander grade or higher. It bring me joy to share this bit of news with you.

I should be arriving at Qo'nos within the week. Please have of some candied Rac't wating for me.. Of all the things I have missed of the home world, your cooking has been the greatest.

Honor and Glory
Your son


Lady Be'Erat

Your sons transport was intercepted and destroyed by a Borg cube shortly after he transferred off the I.K.S. Chang. The above letter was recovered in his personal effect. I was able to determin that he had yet to have mailed it and I felt it important that you recieve it. We recovered the ships logs from the wreakage and in his last fight he aqquited himself well. There is a possibility that he has been assimilated by the Borg and may not have died in the subsequent boarding action. The Special Task force, KDF and the Honor Guard will make every effort to determine his fate and if possible either recover him or grant him the warriors death that has been stolen from him by the honorless actions of the Borg. When we know, I will see that you are informed as soon as can be done. I served with your son, and knew him persoonally. His strength and ability will be missed and I personally feel his loss. Be very proud Great Lady.

In service to the Empire
Admiral D'vak
Special Task Force, Commanding