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10-28-2011, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
FYI, if you buy the T3 excelsior now(which only costs EC) then when F2P happens it will get auto upgraded to the new transwarp console that includes the sectors being removed from the T5 console. Then you can use whichever console you want to travel where you want to go.
Oh Grand Nagus, your wisdom has failed you.

This work-around may work now, but it is not a true solution to the problem.

Assuming I was OK with spending EC as you suggest, when the changes go through in F2P I then have to carry around two more consoles and either lose 0-2 Console Slots on my Ship and/or 0-2 Inventory Slots and then play Console flippy-flop when I want to TW. Not fun. Not convenient. Not what I paid for.

More importantly, what happens after F2P comes 'round and I want to make a new character? I can no longer buy the T3 via EC at that time. I'll be forced to buy it with CP.

How is it, in any way, fair for me to have to buy (with whatever currency) another ship to restore the powers I already paid for?

For more detailed analysis on how/why the T5 Excel Nerf is bad, please read my previous posts:

10/31 Update: The Excel due to be restored.