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10-28-2011, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by Maschinengeist View Post
I have stuck with this game for nearly two years. Even with this F2P stuff going on, and the near-complete lack of listening Cryptic is doing, I had planned to wait and see.

But, with all the things this game needs so desperately, you take the existing Gekli model, stick it onto the coding for the in-game pets, and put it up for sale? Get a grip. We don't want any more of your stupid pets, costumes, and other useless junk. We want CONTENT. We've already paid for it; we're waiting for YOU to DELIVER.

Furthermore, with the lack of dev blogs, we have been told that the devs are too busy to blog. Oh, really? Too busy to keep us informed, but not too busy to put more useless crap on the C-store, I see. Not that this is anything new around here, mind you.

Thanks for letting me know where your priorities are, Cryptic. I feel like an idiot for wasting nearly two years of my life playing STO, and I have been a Star Trek fan for the past 20 years. Do yourselves a favor and give your customers a reason to log back on.
This pretty well sums up my feeling on the topic.

Any bets on a Dev or Mod response?