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# 26 Crono Torps
10-28-2011, 09:27 PM
I have Crono Torps in the front and Qaunt. in the aft on my cruiser. I know its backwards. but since Cruisers have the worst turn rate most of the time enemy ships where in the rear arch as I reversed a turn.

I found Crono torps to do less dmg but keeping a ship from turning keeps one shield in the weapon arch so it works great 9 skill ranks give Crono Torps some improved punch. Qaunt. have a better crit ratio so having them in the rear make for a good deterent. Look Im behind him what Qaunt.

I have a Klink Escort thats all Phasers and Photons with 4 torps and drained shields I can get a lot of dmg.

My Science Vessel had all beams until Capt. I added a Photon to much drain on the system running all beams on a voyager class ship.

I am doing a Fed escort with phasers and Qaunt. so far the Saber it really working.

So Torps are a tool you need to pick the right tool for the job.

Transphasic Torp. have gotten better I think they worked out the bugs in them.