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10-29-2011, 11:21 AM
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so i've gotten a bit more into my warhammer (still just vanilla colored atm but working on getting things assembled) i've got 3 armos of points 500-800 nid, space marine and orc

anyway, reason for posting... #1 for my nid warriors they have a socket size of roughly 1/8th (possible a tiny bit bigger ) and i'm planning on using magnets, but 1/th seems a bit big especially when putting them into the ball joint section of the weapon (where it connects to the body ) i'm thinking of using 3/32th which would be a perfect size, but i can't find any 3/32th size magnets,
does anybody either a) know if 1/8th size magnets would work? (like would the arm joints have enough material for me to insert a 0.125 diameter magnet? )
or know a spot to get 0.09375 diameter magnets?

and secondly, does anybody know the socket size of the monsterious creatures? like hive tyrants or tyrant guards? or mawlocs?