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10-29-2011, 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
The console sucks if used as a carrier "destroyer", sure it can rip through a squadron of fighters, but it only runs for some pathetically small amount of time (10 seconds I think) and has a pretty high recharge count. So theoretically you could vaporize a carriers fist wave, but by the time the PDS has recharged the carrier has had AMPLE time to send out another wave or two.

Not a very good adaptment to the concept that was floating around the forums ( I won't say we came up with it solely on the Jupiter forums, but we had been discussing a PDS for months before this was mentioned).

You should not rely on the console alone for fighter control... It is a supplement to Scatter Volly, nothing more, nothing less.
it's a great way to get rid of fighters when SV is in cooldown, but an attack run with main guns will alsways be more effective.