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10-30-2011, 01:14 AM
The point defence tower, is very useful to "clear" space. but the preorder defence tower, is better to overtime menaces. I just used the two of them... and the results are "interesting"... if you are fighting against borg, undine or Romulans.... Against "mega-super-plasma torp" of the final borg DSE, you still use your cannons to protect yourself and at your camarades (escort are goods making that work, even low level scort, but the borg center his attacs on any ships that destroy his plasma torp.... even if it is made for the most tiny ships on the battle).

If that consoles are more useful than two standar consoles... I cant say it... yet. If you aren't fight against above mencionated enemy, You can remove the preorder turret without remorse, and set any more useful console.

Thanks to everybody, and sorry for my bad english.