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10-30-2011, 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by Green117 View Post
Yes, they have killed the broken system that was crafting on Holodeck.

I never could understand how a game would allow players to craft amazing gear out of hardly anything, this never made any sense to me. Yet of course we all loved that we could create everything we wanted, not just for our mains, but our alts, our opposing faction alts, even friends and fleet members. It was a broken system that affected the economy as a whole, resulting in items that should have held some form of value to being as expensive as vendor trash.

I like the idea of adding Dilithium to high end gear. It represents what players would have had to do if Emblems had been the only way to acquire such items. The Tribble system does need tweaking though.

Whites - Anomalies
Greens - Anomalies, Trace Particles
Blues - Anomalies, Trace Particles, Dilithium
Purples - Anomalies, Trace Particles, greater amount of Dilithium compared to Blues

The way it is on Tribble currently is not this mountain/molehill grind people say it is. A few dailys/exploration missions and you can be crafting. I just think we need to move away from the mentality of the old system, because it was simply too easy to acquire, and that gear wasn't represented in value or worth, resulting in a very poor economy indeed.

It is very much a mountain of grinding, I'm not sure if you have spent any time in the clusters on Tribble lately but to say the least the high end rare particles that are used the most in the end game gear like Anyon's and Methogenic's do not drop as often as the do on holodeck, what would take me two or three hours on holdeck per part takes a lot longer on Tribble. And let's not forget the ever present 8k daily cap on dilithium vs the 15K + dilithium per item... You make it sound like you could do it all in one day when that's not even close to the truth.

So yes I believe crafting is very much dead considering you can get the exact same parts with + vs Borg stats in about an hour or two in the STF's with out spending any time on gathering resources, competing with other players for scan nodes (which I think will be utter chaos a few weeks in to F2P release.) and no time grinding dilithium.

As far as the Tribble economy goes, it is as I predicted it would be. People have gone crazy and are already gouging prices on crafted end game items, for instance (Antiproton DHC) 20mil EC... now who in there right mind is going to pay that much in game currency vs doing a few STF runs on normal? I sure the heck wont...