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10-30-2011, 06:45 AM
Originally Posted by Raklau View Post
You make it sound like you could do it all in one day when that's not even close to the truth.
Good, because i don't want a system in place where i can do it all in one day. Where is the fun and journey in that? Where is the value in a reward when it feels like clicking your fingers and getting it.

The system on Tribble works well as a business model for new players. Isn't that the point in what they are going for - the grind so people will spend money. Yet those playing now, and over a period of time have bank fulls of things. I know i do, and i haven't even played for a full year yet (nearly though). This system is fine for me and so many others, even the ones that don't even realise it yet, or just choose the doom and gloom option.

And it really isn't work. The main difference is instead of kitting yourself out over a day, it may take a few weeks or months. And why shouldn't it. Maybe because i use to play Wow and spent time earning my gear, crafting this and that, pvp sets etc, i assume that things should take time to acquire. It seems so much of the complaints is because people are loosing the ability to out gear themselves completely in the shortest time possible.