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10-30-2011, 09:18 AM
all such great advice!

IMO beamoverload3 misses too much. and with all those beams you got on your ship you might not want the sudden and revolving power drops by running 2 overloads. even if you run weapons batts and red matter capacitor and such.

i think you get your best spike as a tac in excel when you sandbag to 40% hull or so then harden it with say...Brace for impact and Polarize hull...and aux2damp. then get the max out of stacking Go down fighting (by not healing hull, just a 15 second hardening) APA, APO, FOMM, TF. make no bones about it you are a tac cruiser and go down fast without support. i played defensive 75% of the time using a 6 array 5-7 click broadside suppression at a slightly lower weapons power between spikes.

mavs advice on high cap resilient shielding works great with this idea, as it lends to limit bleedthru.

and id run at least a neutronium...although spreadmania has me slipping in the monotanium lots in my cruisers lately. gl with your build man.

have fun kill bad guys