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10-30-2011, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by V-Mink
Arguably there are epic space battles in EVE when two corps decide to throw down. UNfortunately, most players are very small fish in very large oceans. And titans and dreadnoughts are extremely large fish indeed. That 'waves of effects' video notwithstanding, EVE tends to eat characters alive.
Fun to watch but on a individual level EVE space combat was lackluster. No actaul ship control- circle and fire at a button click.
It did have UI qualitites I enjoyed though.

Sigh. STO has a good space combat system, it's got lots of potential, and nothing's really like it out there. There's just not a lot of other options out there. Theres a Homeworld-esque about to hit Beta, there's Vengeance Online which is sort of like Elite Online, Egosoft has been making noises about an X MMO but there's been nothing for it, SWTOR is going to have a bloody rail-shooter for space combat, bleh.... None of them are quite like conning your own starship. And of course none of them are Trek. STO isn't a Starfleet Command, nor should it be, but it's tied into this awful horrible mess of PR gaffes, a massive rush to monetize everything and tie everything to real money, a content drought that's been acknowledged but nobody with a gold name seems to want to do anything about....

"I'll believe it when I see it" carries with it the implicit expectation that one may be pleasantly surprised, and not to be all doom and gloom based on what hasn't happened yet, but... Dammit, Cryptic!

Originally Posted by TrentTyler View Post
The loss of STO's space battles will eb the worst thing if STO goes belly up. Regardless of its faults, STO has the most enjoyable space combat sim out there. It is easily learned yet could take forever to master, IF they just did the right thing. Its never a good thing when a game with potential fails, it deters other start ups from even attempting the genre.
I love the SPace COmbat system of flight control in STO and enjoyed the level of BOff powers back when it was less magicky. Its fun now but can be complicated with no real Plumb line for power balance so that power A is fairly equal to Power B (even if B has to be boosted by a combo) so certain powers are needed both defense and Offensewise.
I am hoping that the new SKill System will help things plus the DOff passives to move space combat into a more fun experience.
Having the energy type Proc be more important the canonesgue look or damage output already exists so going general skills system that boost the different aspects of what helps offensively.
Originally Posted by CaptainGeko
  • Tactical skills discourage you from using anything but phaser, disruptors, photons and quantums - it's too expensive to spec into skills like antiproton since the skills cost almost twice as much for the same bonus.
  • There will no longer be skills that just affect one damage type. There will be weapon skills, beam skills, cannons skill, torpedo skills, etc., but not phaser skills or antiproton skills.

At this point, we are only focusing in stage 1 (Space Skills). Here is a quick glance of what the new skill may look like (still very early and subject to change):

200 points?
Tier 1
Starship Weapons Training

400 points?
Tier 2
Starship Energy Weapons Training
Starship Projectile Weapons Training

600 points
Tier 3
[color="Red"]Starship Beam Weapons
Starship Cannon Weapons
800 points
Tier 4
Starship Mines
Starship Torpedo Weapons
Targeting Systems - Acc

1000 points
Tier 5
Starship Tactics - Weapon Proc
Energy Weapon Specialization - Energy Wep Crit Hit and Severity
Projectile Weapon Specialization - Projectile Wep Crit Hit and Severity

Starship Weapon Systems Performance - Bonus Weapon Power

Thats just the simple Weapons Skilling idea at fewer skills but double* SP cost per tier now to level up. Without the knowledge of tier requirements to open the next higher tier in sequence, I can only speculate on how many SP it takes to satisfy T1 ot T5 on 72700 SP.
The old 57799 method may work, who knows.
It does look like it will allow for a more simple but more personal style of play.

Unfortunately all I can do is wait and see if it all falls together or just apart.