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10-30-2011, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
If you dont want the Gekli then dont buy it; I didnt. As far as new content goes, unfortunately that isnt coming until after F2P. That is what has happened to pretty much every game that has gone F2P so far in the months leading up to the F2P launch, as the development team was focused on the transition. Whether that is right or wrong, it isnt something thats going to change at this point.
There was a longgggggggggg content drought before f2p was announced and there's still going to be longgggggggg content drought for a long time yet.

For those of you who thinks there's going to be content released right after f2p launches think again. And here is why:

1. when season 3 launched everyone was expecting the foundry to be released, everyone knows that story
2. when season 4 launched everyone was expecting the doff system soon after LOL, enough said
3. they're going to be fixing bugs for a long time after f2p launches FOR SURE
4. they're going to want the freebies to rank up a bit before they release a new featured series

Sad days for loyal paying customers

BTW the Gekli pet is c-store junk, resources could be put to better use especially now. They're just trying to nickel and dime us. It's truly sad