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10-30-2011, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by psytce View Post
Wasn't that the way it WAS! ...
You got to VA and for that accomplishment you got the VA refit, now you get nothing...

Riddle me this:
Where is the feeling of accomplishment if you get nothing????
or is the real question:
Where is the feeling of accomplishment if you get the option to buy a ship you use to get for free????

Now these questions I would like an answer, but all we are going to get is silence......

Yep, this game is going to be real fun after we go to F2P, as fun as going to the dentist....
Well said. This highlights one of the most significant problems with F2P.

The path to VA is not exactly fun. Making it take longer only highlights this.

The reward for reaching VA is now non-existent. You have the right to buy ($) a ship. There is no interesting content or PvP to look forward to at max level.