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Their actions of late have been a giant FU to existing subscribers;With each new Tribble build that these changes go unfixed, the more likely they're to remain when F2P goes live.

People are saying "They need time to revert it" and "oh it's only a test server". I call BS on both statements. We've seen them quickly roll back to a previous code-base whenever something went wrong requiring an emergency patch. Yes it is a test server, but it's not just code that's being tested, we the players are being tested. Tested to see how much of the PWE "Grind or Pay" Asian-market-MMO model we'll put up with before we revolt.

It's not the actions themselves that are cause for concern, but the motives behind them.

Cryptic are seeing how much of this model they can apply to STO before existing players walk, and newcomers are scared off. They're pandering to the droves of players they're foolishly expecting to join as silver players at the expense of subscribers and lifetimers. But they seem to forget that F2Pers;
  • Don't want a grind-fest anymore than subscribers.
  • Will take one look at the foundry editor and think "not worth the effort".
  • Are the most disloyal of players. The reason most are playing as silvers is so they don't have to make a commitment, they can jump ship whenever they lose interest or some new shiny comes along.

Unless Cryptic/PWE/CBS is going to market the hell out of STO, it will be lost in a sea of other MMOs, many of which appeal to existing/potential STO players.
  • DC Universe is going F2P Nov 1st.
  • Other MMOs are going F2P, New ones are launching as F2P.
  • Star Trek Infinite Space, a direct competitor to STO, will be F2P.
  • SWTOR launches in December.
  • Other MMOs are on the horizon.