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10-30-2011, 12:43 PM
friggin joke. you keep the dumb excelsior, oldest ship in the fleet, and the newest escort nest to the defiant dosn't get a refit, oh wait u get a new skin. whitch i think looks good, and a console witch i imagine klinks would want nerfed at some point, but still , even if you had the same BO's as the defiant or even the fleet escort i wouldnt mind as much, friggin joke when so called 200 year old ship still around, what ever happend being an admiral and keepin the ship in the fleet kinda like the Riker and the galaxy X,, lol
Wish there was a way so any ship can get a rifet with restriction. , cause u an't going to refit the some of those so called older ships or little bugger like the nova or kirks ship to stand up agiants bigger and newer, but that being said.

that being said maybe they can make the retrofits be able to get reclassed for 1 level higher than what there at now, so you dont get a teir 1 to teir 5, but you can refit a teir 1 to teir 2 and 2 tier to teir3,
something to be able to keep that ship just a bit longer.