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10-30-2011, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by MikeWard1701 View Post
Cryptic are seeing how much of this model they can apply to STO before existing players walk, and newcomers are scared off. They're pandering to the droves of players they're foolishly expecting to join as silver players at the expense of subscribers and lifetimers. But they seem to forget that F2Pers;
  • Don't want a grind-fest anymore than subscribers.
  • Will take one look at the foundry editor and think "not worth the effort".
  • Are the most disloyal of players. The reason most are playing as silvers is so they don't have to make a commitment, they can jump ship whenever they lose interest or some new shiny comes along.
This may be the truest statement regarding the F2P Beta I've yet seen. Great job!