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10-30-2011, 12:51 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkkirk
When the game 1st launched I used to PvP quite a bit and it was good fun, I left the game for a while and I am giving it another look at the moment. I'm only Caption 5 so obviously my PvP experience is limited to my level. So far I've managed to do 2 arena's in the space of about 4 hours. My questions are:

1) Do players at higher level's pvp? Because at my level hardly anyone does it.
2) Are they always imbalanced? Both arena's we were outnumbered 3v2.
3) How are Sci ships in PvP? I didn't seem to last very long against the klinks!

I know it's only based on 2 arena's, back when the game launched PvP was more popular and I used to enjoy it.

Any replies are appreiciated
1) Players play a lot more at Vice Admiral - it's one of the few things that you can do at endgame, it earns you Emblems, so even people PvP that don't PvP primarily do it more then. Also, most PvPers race to VA anyway, so even the hardcore PvP fans are more likely to be found there.

2) Numerical Imbalance is not that common at higher tiers. You should usually get 5v5 matches (or larger in Capture & Holds

3) Science Vessels have the most powerful abilities in PvP, together with Science Captains.
If you had trouble surviving, it may be the lack of experience with PvP so you don't have quite the right build yet to make it work for you.

PvP Essential Build and Tactical Advice:
1) Distribute Shield Power or use Tactical team to do it for you. You get more out of your shield and shield regeneration this way, and you'll need.
2) 2 Emergency Power to Shields are basically required. 2 EPtS can be chained so you have always one of them up, and this will give your shields considerable damage reduction, cutting your enemies firepower considerably, allowing you to survive focused fire and buffed attacks.
3) Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength are good additions, HE is the best hull heal for most ships, and TSS is the best shield heal (EPtS is primarily for the restiance, not the healing, t hough it helps there as well - and TSS also provides healing.)
4) Keep Moving. Speed means Defense.
5) PvP is a team game. Share Heals. Focus Fire. Communicate. Join a PvP oriented Fleet.