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10-31-2011, 02:49 AM
Descent into Madness Pt III
by Futurecaptain

Synopsis: Nulonu's on the move, but Starfleet isnt too keen on sending you after her for some reason. Surely a diplomatic side-trip won't cause too much trouble...

Story > 3 / 5
The reassignment on the first dialogue felt a little disconcerting, maybe explained later? Getting back in the chase felt better but the diverting plot was odd.
"I am a clone! muahahaha!" was a bit cheeseball but it served the plot well enough I suppose.
The relationship with the Felkiri worked but seemed like a pretty clear plot device to get them involved. Liked the diversity in enemies though.

Look&Feel > 4 / 5
Liked the optional scanny things to do on the first map, nav beacons helped a lot
Pretty neat city construction, though calling it a city may be an exaggeration. maybe village?
Cool optional stuff to do in the city
A few very minor grammatical/punctuation mistakes in dialogue
Very cool brig set.

Tech > 4 / 5
"Head for the city" objective was very small and broke immersion a bit. maybe make a GIANT reach marker here instead?
First "Dead thelesian" on the night map is a UGC contact.
Beamed in without my away team on the Gornar surface after trying it twice. Ended up that they appeared in a different section of the map and were fighting when i arrived to find them. This was a fairly big detraction on this map, probably not your fault either.

Difficulty > 3.5 / 5
The battle in front of Nulonu: 2 squads spawn at once? I wiped. It was part of the story I figured out! I've done this before but it's tough to explain when your party dies like that. I've done it myself (the respawn at the designated marker) but something with invisible walls might be better used in this case, ie defeat one squad but then a bunch more beam in behind invisible walls.
Romulan battleship was a very tough fight but was fun.

Overall rating > 4.5 / 5 stars

Good plot continuation of the nefarious Orion villains, with some interesting but ultimately sidetracking plot devices from the Fel'kiri... still, would like to see where part 4 goes with the conclusion.